23 Jul

Beginners Guide to Bass Fishing in Alabama

Georgia Alabama Bass Club

Alabama is the birthplace of modern bass fishing, and has become engrained in the culture of everyday life in Alabama. What if you were somehow left out of learning about this great pastime, how do you even get started? We’ll break the process down into some simple steps you can follow, and you’ll be on your way to catching fish in no time. Read More

22 Jun

Lake Jordan Bass Stocking Program Delivers 1/4M Florida Strain Fingerlings

The Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries (WFF) has delivered the first batch Florida largemouth fledglings to the New Lake (Lake Bouldin) section of Lake Jordan. Comprising just shy of a quarter million fish this will be by summer of 2017 near a million in total, providing a major boost in fish stocks across this section of the lake. Read More

20 Feb

5 Great Hikes of Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Hiking trails provide great opportunities to walk, enjoy refreshing natural beauty and see a variety of wild plants, trees, migratory birds and wild animals. Trails can also provide several educational benefits. In Mobile, Alabama there are several trails available for hiking, and here are 5 of the best.

1. Pine Beach Trail

Pine Beach

Pine Beach Trail offers you an exciting hike through several kinds of habitats such as sand pine scrub, oak mottes, sand dunes, beaches and fresh and salt water marshes. Read More

20 Nov

10 Tops Spots to See Fall Colors in Alabama

Alabama is a great state to visit during the fall. There are hundreds of spots that you can drive to or hike through during this season and get a great view of the colors. Here is a brief run down of 10 recommended spots that makes this state an ideal tourist destination during fall.

1. Cheaha State Park

Cheaha State Park

This is located around Mt Cheaha, a short distance from Anniston. While here, drive to the top part of this mountain to get a breathtaking view of the entire park. Once at the summit, take some photos as you enjoy the cool breeze that blows from the trees below.

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31 Oct

New Shorelines Website and App by Alabama Power


Anglers and Kayakers in the Coosa River Valley now have another tool to put into their arsenals thanks to Alabama Power and its new Shorelines website and app. Through the new website and app, Alabama Power has made it easy for anglers and lake enthusiasts, whether they are Alabama residents, or visitors fishing one of the 14 hydroelectric waters along the Tallapoosa, Black Warrior, and the 7 waterways of our own Coosa River.  You can now access information like the best places to fish, turbine operating schedules, and current water levels and conditions in an instant.

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26 Jul

Get Started with Kayaking on the Coosa River

Moccasin Gap Coosa River Kayaking

With plenty of flat water for beginners and enough white water runs for advanced paddlers, the Coosa River is truly a kayaking gem of the South.

What to Expect on Your Trip

During the weekdays, the flow is kept to minimal levels, usually around 2000 cubic feet per second. There are wide open channels that can be very easily paddled by the first timers, as well as Class II and III rapids to thrill the more advanced kayakers.

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01 Jun

How to Introduce a Youth to Hunting

Happy Youth Hunters

Georgia Wildlife Resources Division

The competition between developing a youth’s love for the outdoors, and their love for electronics devices gets more difficult every day.

Gone, it seems are the endless summer days of kids playing outside and learning about the natural world around them.

It’s as important as ever, to instill in them the values you cherish and grew up with.

Hunting is one of those activities that many adults try to pass on to the next generation, but for some reason, and more often than we’d like, the effort falls flat.

Hunting is a great pastime to teach young people. It requires them to think critically, take responsibility, and develops confidence in their abilities.

So let’s take a look at how you can introduce your child to hunting in a way that they will enjoy, and be asking for more.

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21 May

Alabama Bass Trail Wraps Up Inaugural Season

Alabama Bass Trail Weigh In

The Alabama Bass Trail is a joint effort, started in 2013, between the AL Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Alabama Tourism, Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association, and the office of Governor Robert Bentley.

To my knowledge, it is the first and only program of its kind in the country. Among its goals, is to promote the excellent bass fisheries in the state, from north to south, east to west, in an effort to draw more anglers from the region.

It started out with mostly promotional events, like lake cleanups, and brochures with a wealth of info about each lake and the surrounding cities. Now in 2014, the organization launched its much anticipated Alabama Bass Tournament Trail.

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19 Mar

Alabama State Parks Celebrating 75 Years of Service

Sunrise at Guntersville State Park

AL Parks 75 YearsIn 2014, the Alabama State Park system is celebrating it’s 75th year of service to the people of Alabama.

Throughout the year, each of the states 22 parks will put on a number of different special events, ranging from hikes, nature walks, camping, to dining specials like the Baumhauer’s Shrimpfest.

The 75th Anniversary is set to acknowledge and strengthen the relationships with the supporting partners and park patrons that make the park system possible.

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