01 Jun

How to Introduce a Youth to Hunting

Happy Youth Hunters

Georgia Wildlife Resources Division

The competition between developing a youth’s love for the outdoors, and their love for electronics devices gets more difficult every day.

Gone, it seems are the endless summer days of kids playing outside and learning about the natural world around them.

It’s as important as ever, to instill in them the values you cherish and grew up with.

Hunting is one of those activities that many adults try to pass on to the next generation, but for some reason, and more often than we’d like, the effort falls flat.

Hunting is a great pastime to teach young people. It requires them to think critically, take responsibility, and develops confidence in their abilities.

So let’s take a look at how you can introduce your child to hunting in a way that they will enjoy, and be asking for more.

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19 Mar

Alabama State Parks Celebrating 75 Years of Service

Sunrise at Guntersville State Park

AL Parks 75 YearsIn 2014, the Alabama State Park system is celebrating it’s 75th year of service to the people of Alabama.

Throughout the year, each of the states 22 parks will put on a number of different special events, ranging from hikes, nature walks, camping, to dining specials like the Baumhauer’s Shrimpfest.

The 75th Anniversary is set to acknowledge and strengthen the relationships with the supporting partners and park patrons that make the park system possible.

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