31 Oct

New Shorelines Website and App by Alabama Power


Anglers and Kayakers in the Coosa River Valley now have another tool to put into their arsenals thanks to Alabama Power and its new Shorelines website and app. Through the new website and app, Alabama Power has made it easy for anglers and lake enthusiasts, whether they are Alabama residents, or visitors fishing one of the 14 hydroelectric waters along the Tallapoosa, Black Warrior, and the 7 waterways of our own Coosa River.  You can now access information like the best places to fish, turbine operating schedules, and current water levels and conditions in an instant.

With the Shorelines platform, visitors can customize the information that they receive and tailor their preferences through the use of the website, mobile site, and smartphone app. Visitors can also take advantage of the opportunity to interact, and learn from others through the use of the blog, social media offerings, and personalized communications. The channels provided allow customers to retrieve generation schedules and lifestyle preferences based on their personalized selections, and also get current lake levels.

The APCShorelines.com website offers custom webpages which features information for each reservoir like the Coosa River for example, that allows visitors to access interactive maps, current weather conditions, updates, photos, stories, and videos. This can especially useful to those kayaking and boating on the river.

Visitors can sign up for daily emails that contain information regarding the latest news, lake levels and updates from their favored lakes by simply signing up.

The Shorelines app can be downloaded in Apple and Android stores, for free, and once downloaded the app allows users to sign up for daily alerts tailored to their preferences from their tablets and smartphones. The information contained on the Shorelines website and app is not only timely, but presents information regarding conservation, and maintenance of the rivers and reservoirs in unique and thought provoking ways.

Alabama Power is proud to offer its new digital platform to its customers, and the company believes that it will afford a mutual learning experience between the company and its customers.  According to APC Vice President John Hudson;

We live in a time where our customers have more choices for news and entertainment, where we can no longer rely solely on traditional media to reach them.

This platform enables us to provide customers with information in a variety of ways, using technology to reach them.

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